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    Ok so last week I decided to take a trip into town to get my sons birthday present setup (a BNIB 2015 Les Paul Custom "100th" Anniversary). so as soon as I walk through the door a friend of mine who works there comes over and mentions that while England are in the world cup there is 30% off all 2nd hand gear, I laugh and tell unless theres a PRS for silly money I'm not interested. His reply is that theres a S2 Singlecut satin in perfect condition and after discount its £540 so we go over to have a look, as we get there he says "Oh yeah I forgot we've also got a 2001 McCarty thats almost mint". we get there and the S2 is beautiful but I'm not a fan of the pickguard, then I see the McCarty, within 2 mins she's paid for and in with my tech who works out the store.

    I already own a 2015 McCarty so it interesting to compare these 2.

    My review of my 2015 McCarty

    While all of the above still holds true I find that in some ways I prefer the 2001 McCarty. As with 2015 she almost plays herself, the fit and finish is way beyond anything the other 2 major firms put out, again she has a very mild flame that find nicer than super book matched maple. here are a few differences

    Headstock = The 2001 has a thinner headstock front to back with classic style tuners, I think this really suits the overall look of the guitar dedicated to a man who presided over some of the greatest guitars of the 50's & 60's

    Neck = the 2015 neck is the "pattern" Wide Fat which feels fantastic but feels a bit slimmer and delicate (like the carve on Santana SE) than the beast which is the wide fat of the 2001 (the 2001 feels much like my Bernie Marsden SE or my Gibson 2014 LP Traditional)

    Inlays = What can I say the moon inlays look super cool to me

    Pickups = I love the 2015's 58/15 humbuckers but god the McCarty units just blow me away. I can get the guitar to go from dark and dirty to bright, smooth and silky depending on what I do with the vol/tone pots. The push pull coil split gives some nice single-coil options, on top of the those excellent HBs, Lots of natural sustain on this beauty, which comes just as much from the quality of woods, design and finish, as from those tasty pickups.

    Don't get me wrong I still feel the 2015 version is one of the best guitars I've ever played but the 2001 just feels more vintage all round.

    here she is with her sisters.
    2006 CE-24 Mahogany, 2001 Stadard 22, 2001 McCarty, 2015 McCarty
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    You're not done yet. :D
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    Awesome - wow!

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