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Discussion in 'Student Edition Models' started by GerryL98, May 4, 2018.

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    Apr 23, 2018
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    Picked up my second PRS. A brand new 2017 Fire Red Burst SE Custom 24 Floyd. Ordered from Sweetwater, it came double-boxed and arrived in tune, perfect intonation, and the tremolo is level. Strings feel and sound new. I think this guitar has the same pickups as my 2017 SE Custom 24 Tobacco burst but this new guitar just sounds hotter with the gain turned up. The frets are all nicely polished, no sharp fret edges, the finish is beautiful. The maple flamed top still has that oddness to it that when you look at it from certain angles the detail of the flame gets washed out on only one half of the top. The rosewood fingerboard is consistently dark really need to get up close to see and variations in the color or the grain. Please well, sounds great. I'm happy and looking forward to putting some hours on it this weekend.

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