Prs Emerald Green Custom 24 10 Top 90s Or New?

Discussion in 'PRS Guitars' started by LestersandCustom24s, Aug 7, 2018.

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    If you were going to buy a PRS Custom 24 10 top with all the candy and case, would you get an early 90s version or a brand new version? I say are you a shredder lead type player (either one than). Collector?
    Buddy of mine wants a 1993 Cusyom 24 Ten Top . Im more a vintage L.P. Player so I am not about to tell him ehat to buy?
    Vintage Marshalls and Lesters? Ill talk all day bout.
    Not a pro eith the PRS guitars and the diff. From Yr. To. Yr.
    I had a 93' and he played it more than me.
    Should of sold it to him. I said just get an EMRRALD GREEN ONE !
    Any input appreciated.
    P/ups , woods used in the 90s compared to today. The locking pegs are great. The neck, everything PRS 24 Custom 24 Ten Top is just that. Top notch components.
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