Prs Emerald Green Custom 24 10 Top 90s Or New?

Discussion in 'PRS Guitars' started by LestersandCustom24s, Aug 7, 2018.

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    If you were going to buy a PRS Custom 24 10 top with all the candy and case, would you get an early 90s version or a brand new version? I say are you a shredder lead type player (either one than). Collector?
    Buddy of mine wants a 1993 Cusyom 24 Ten Top . Im more a vintage L.P. Player so I am not about to tell him ehat to buy?
    Vintage Marshalls and Lesters? Ill talk all day bout.
    Not a pro eith the PRS guitars and the diff. From Yr. To. Yr.
    I had a 93' and he played it more than me.
    Should of sold it to him. I said just get an EMRRALD GREEN ONE !
    Any input appreciated.
    P/ups , woods used in the 90s compared to today. The locking pegs are great. The neck, everything PRS 24 Custom 24 Ten Top is just that. Top notch components.
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    Depends on the prices and what pickups you prefer (unless he is going to change pick ups). Usually you are better off with used, if you think you might flip it later. If he is gonna hang onto it for 5 or 10 years, probably resale is not as important. I prefer the newer pickups in that model, would probably go for a used post 2014 version with 57/08, 59/09, 85/15 or 58/15. I hate the older VB/HFS, but some love them. I think those were in the 90's and early 2000s for the Cu24s. I had one and swapped in Wolfetones, which sounded way, way, way better to me. I bought mine used years ago, and sold it a few years later, took a small hit, because I overpaid a bit, but would have been a disaster if I had bought new.
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    If he's a shredder lead type player and the early 90s guitar has the Dragon 1 set, those do really well with lots of gain. Although the HFS reportedly does well at high gain also. If I were buying it for myself I'd definitely prefer 57/08s, 59/09s, or 85/15s.

    In wood, the older one might have an edge. The mere fact of having been played for many years can affect a guitar's voice and feel. I'm not sure when they stopped using Brazilian for the fretboards, but the mahogany on the early ones was carefully selected and a 10-top from that era probably got the good stuff. My '87 is one of the liveliest guitars I've ever played.

    As for build quality, I imagine it would be about the same for both.

    My best advice is always to play the guitars in person if at all possible. Sometimes a particular instrument just speaks to you. Those are the ones to look for.
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    Z├╝rich, Switzerland
    Some rather rare talks about earlier PRSs, I Love it. Now me: I bought some 2 years ago a 24 Custom of year 98, including originsl case (the one that you better dont take to an international airport, cause the guardians will suspect a sharpshooter rifle in it) for a Nickel n dime, means 1430 Swiss Franks, about 1500 $. Poor chap was completely out of Money and a Baby was in the Way. Well, I got a deal.
    The guitar is wonderful, plays and Looks just great, top colour the Santana red-yellow. Any opinion on what such a guitar is worth now?
    Tx and good lickings
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