What Is The Difference Between The Prs Tremolo Bridge And Others?

Discussion in 'PRS Guitars' started by littlebadboy, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Aug 8, 2017
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    What is the difference between the PRS Tremolo bridge and others? Others has 6 screws thingies too, so what makes it special?

    I'm a PRS newbie... actually, still waiting for it.
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    Wow, nobody wanted to reply? About a year later and I will respond.

    The main difference are the screws are notched for the base plate and make for a very stable contact that centers itself when set up properly. The saddles have tracks for the adjustment screws to keep them from creeping side to side and the bar is a friction fit so it will never strip any threads and is much less prone to breaking. It is an all-around improvement on the Fender design and actually allows for a drop tuning on the low E and not mess up the overall tuning.

    I hope you have your guitar and are enjoying it! :cheers:

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